What If EVERYTHING That's Been Holding You Back and Causing You Stress, Anxiety, Fear, and Unhappiness in Your Life…Was GONE and Eliminated In Just a Few Hours... Would Your Life Change?
Hi my name is Laurie-Anne King, and I’m a coach and energy healer.

Let me share with you my quick story about how I discovered the power of energy healing and how it transformed my life.

I remember 3 years ago, I came desperately close to quitting my business.

I had been so excited to start my business as a relationship coach initially, but after two years of hustling and trying to make ends meet, it just wasn’t working.

I’d lost money year after year and had dug myself into over $30,000 of debt.

After 2 years of working so hard, losing money and fighting with my husband about our finances, I was so close to quitting.

And, it wasn’t for a lack of trying!
I was working really HARD. I just wasn’t seeing results.

I would come up with an idea, work my buns off to implement it, get close to success and then burn out.

Then I’d think “Well, that wasn’t the right strategy. I shouldn’t be doing public speaking, I need a podcast!”

Then the pattern would start all over:

New idea. Work my buns off. Burn out.

I felt lost...
...and hopeless.

Why wasn’t this working? I was doing everything “right”. I was following the business experts...
...but no matter what I did, I just kept bumping into a ceiling.
“...Then as FATE would have it, I was introduced to an ENERGY HEALING modality that changed everything for me...”
I heard a voice in my head say:

“You need a stronger container. This is the best you can do with your current energetic container.”

I didn’t even know what the heck an “energetic container” was!

But intuitively I knew that this held answers for me.

So I started to research…

.... and eventually discovered something called “energy healing”.

I signed up for a training class…
...and EVERYTHING changed.
In ONE WEEK I cleared blocks that had been keeping me stuck for years.

Within one month I had effortlessly manifested over $33,000.

That was enough money to pay off ALL of my debt (and that’s exactly what I did!).

My husband and I stopped fighting about our finances and started spending more quality time together.

Within two months I had a brilliant idea for a brand new product in my business that was completely aligned with my soul purpose.  

One year later, that product generated over $500,000, served over 1,000 customers and truly helped people transform their lives.

I started to take better care of myself and my health. I was resting more and working less, all while having even more success and a bigger positive impact than I was when I was hustling so hard.

I’ve never felt more fulfilled, vibrant, or valuable.

My entire life changed for the better… and that led me to…
“Master the Art of Energy Healing to live an Abundant Life...
So I made it my mission to learn everything I could about it.

I made it a point to learn from the best...

Teachers who could produce amazing, life-changing results, within a matter of hours.

I'm talking about a lifetime worth of issues and problems...


 ...And eliminated... because they were able to identify the root energetic cause, and remove it completely with just a few sessions, or sometimes just one session.

I was blown away!

I've now studied and trained in three different energy healing modalities, and been personally mentored by the VERY best in the world.

I have delivered energy healings to over 1,000 people and have seen and personally experienced miracle after miracle.

Long story short, I spent a lot of time mastering everything I could on the topic of energy healing, until I was able to produce similar RESULTS.
After I mastered the art of Energy Healing, I began to include energy healing as a component of my coaching and training courses… and people started to transform their lives at an unprecedented speed...
Now, It's YOUR Turn to Transform Your LIFE...
But My calendar for private sessions filled up so quickly and to work with me privately I charge $300/session and have a 2-3 month waitlist. I know not everyone can afford that investment or is willing to wait 2-3 months to start to see changes in their life.

So, I knew I needed another way to serve people and that's why I am created a healing opportunity for the masses.
The Abundant Life Membership
The Abundant Life Membership is a group program where you will have access to live group energy healings every month.

You will experience an energy healing process that taps into the human biofield to clear stuck energy and liberate you from old patterns that are preventing you from moving forward in life, or attracting the abundance or opportunities that your heart truly wants.

This can be anything from increasing financial wealth, to attracting romantic partners, to finding peace of mind.

Most of my clients feel stuck in a certain area of their life, and don’t know how to get over whatever is blocking them. Typically results begin happening within 24-48 hours after each healing.
 7 BIG benefits of ENERGY healings that my clients, and myself, have experienced...
Benefit #1: Master Manifestor
You become what I call a “Master Manifestor” – Things you want will seem to magically appear in your life.

As you come into FULL SELF-alignment by clearing old blocks, you will experience a new level of ease in your life as your energy starts working FOR you instead of AGAINST you. 
          Benefit #2: Increased Wealth 
          For some reason, opportunities for wealth can appear out of nowhere after clearing energetic blocks. Many of my clients have had hidden blocks that caused them to never be able to rise above a certain money ceiling (or if they did, they would then go and spend all of their money).

          As you strengthen your energetic container, you will be able to sustainably hold more abundance in your life.
          Benefit #3: Peace of Mind 
          Most of my clients tend to experience a peace of mind after their healings.

          They always tell me they are more calm, can better handle stress and don’t sweat the small stuff anymore.

          Things that used to get them upset, no longer do.
          Benefit #4: Harmonious Relationships
          Relationships with loved ones improve. Humans share energetic fields with people they interact with frequently.

          When something within your energy system changes, it alters the energetic field between you and someone in your life as well. This will create a change in the people closest to you.
          Benefit #5: Potential Partners 
          Beware: an abundance of potential partners, whether romantic or business, will pop up into your life. When you clear energetic blocks, you will naturally become more vibrant, radiant and present in your life.

          These changes are incredibly attractive and will start to garner more attention from the right kind of partners.
          Benefit #6: Awaken Inner Gifts 
          Many of my clients become much more sensitive to energy and experience much more of their intuition after receiving these healings.

          They will feel more, see more, hear more, are more aware of dreams, or are even able to receive messages that they were not able to receive before. When you are deeply in touch with your intuition, life becomes easier to navigate as you are effortlessly guided to the best path.
          Benefit #7:  Discover Life Purpose
          One major benefit of these healings is that they help clarify and confirm that you have a bigger purpose in life. 

          After experiencing the healing you are able to begin or continue on the journey of moving forward on your divine purpose.
          If you’re ready for a change and transformation, and want to clear the blocks that are preventing you from moving forward...
          Then Join The Abundant Life energy healing membership program that will help you raise your vibration and make you a Master Manifester
          Get the First Month for Just $1
          Here's What You Get:
          Frequently Asked Questions
          Why is it only $1?
          I truly want to be able to serve as many people as possible - so I am making this program affordable to everyone to at least get two energy healings from me in their first month in the program. 

          Most people love the healing and results they are getting so much that they decide to stay in the program for longer. 
          It would cost over $600 a month to get everything you are going to receive as a member if you worked with me privately.
          Are there any other expenses?
          You will sign up with just $1 for the first month and after that it will be $33/month which you can cancel anytime.
          When does the course start and finish?
          When you join and how long you stay a part of our healing community is completely up to you! While I hope that you will find a lot of value in this program and never want to leave, this is a monthly subscription program. You can choose to cancel your subscription and stop receiving access to live and recorded healing sessions at any time.
          How long do I have access to the healings?
          You have access to our live & recorded healings and all membership content for as long as you remain a member of The Abundant Life membership program.
          What if I am unhappy with the program?
          Oh, I hate when people are unhappy! So I hope you really love this program, but if not, simply cancel your membership and you won't be billed again.
          "I’m so excited to get started and help you remove the energy blocks that are holding you back from living the life of your dreams! I can’t wait to see what you manifest and how your life transforms!"
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          Have questions? We're happy to help! Just send us an email at
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